Soft saddle bag with flap, expandable thanks to a belt with cufflinks fastening, it can be worn across your chest thanks to the adjustable strap or over your shoulder.


16x5x17 cm


Max. width: 20 cm
Belt: 123×2 cm
Expandable by cufflinks: 65-100 cm
Removable chain strap: 122 cm
Expandable by T-bar: 120-70 cm

– Magnetic closure
– Premium leather exterior
– Details: 100% calfskin
– Lining: 100% calf suede
– Interior cardholder in calfskin
– Galvanized brass finishing made in italy
– Art. WB0058/S

Inspired by the Florentine Renaissance tradition, Scarsella is characterized by an instantly recognizable round silhouette. The dual-carrying option is an original and exclusive feature. Suitable from morning to night, it will make your style unique.

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Bianchi e Nardi reinterprets an accessory inspired by tradition, redesigning the iconic belt bag created in the workshops of Ponte Vecchio. From an art rooted in the late Renaissance comes an exquisite and elegant accessory: SCARSELLA, a belt bag worn on the hips or over the shoulder, for a refined and on trend look.

In the old Florentine language, the term scarsella referred to a bag, specifically a leather bag used for money. It was mainly worn by messengers or tradesmen to store money or precious things.
Moreover, it resembled present day satchels, and the part that was lifted went over the belt. At other times, it had the appearance of a primitive alms bag, and at the end of the sixteenth century it was used for carrying the prince’s seals.

The story of this bag is intertwined with historical accounts of leatherworking processes that date back to twelfth century Tuscany and Florence in particular, where the skins were immersed in the waters of the Arno before being tanned. This gave rise to the first fabric and leather scarselle, which were carried by hand, worn over the shoulder or attached to a belt.
The bags made by the Florentine artisans were highly appreciated and sought after by foreign merchants as well. They developed to the point of resembling today’s bags, with advanced metal straps in the upper part that were later replaced by zippers.

Bianchi e Nardi 1946 takes inspiration from a tradition with an ancient flavour. Reinterpreting it with style and elegance, it has created a soft bag with clean and modern lines made from the luxurious leathers that brought the fashion house its renown.