1946 – 1975


Artisan mastery and entrepreneurial spirit
1935, Florence

A Crucial Meeting

Aldemaro Nardi, just 10 years old, gets a job by Angelo Scuri, highly esteemed leather goods manufacturer from Milan. Here he meets Mario Bianchi, one of the best student in Scuri’s workshop, the first to teach him how to sew the covers and apply the zips.

1946, Florence

The Setting-up of the Company

Two personalities both opposite and complementary: Nardi, with great ideas, and Bianchi, with capable hands. The Bianchi e Nardi company officially born in 1946, in a Florence that is reborning from the ruins of the Second World War.


The Expansion

Italy reborns after the war. The company moves to Borgo Pinti and grows up to have about fifty workers. International fashion brands are now new client, together with former clientes, like Guccio Gucci. In the early fifties Aldemaro Nardi meets Coco Chanel in Paris, with whom he starts a fruitful collaboration.


The Runaway in the Sala Bianca

The Bianchi e Nardi collection take part in the fashion show at the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti, a key event for the story of the fashion made in Italy. Between 1951 and the early eighties, the event in Palazzo Pitti is one of the major scenarios of international fashion.


The New Factory

The new, modern and functional factory is located in Scandicci. Just five months after the inauguration,  the great flood of Florence occurs. After five days, with the collaboration of all the workers, the water and the mud are removed and the production is back to normal.

1975 – 2013


Experience and internationality

The Training

Massimo Nardi, Marco Nardi and Mauro Bianchi follow the fathers leading the brand. Their entry into the company began from the bottom, first as workers then as salesmen. Marco drives a yellow-ocher Alfetta 1600, customized to transport the precious products to shopkeepers in Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte and Liguria.


The Kimono Bag

Sales extend to Japan with the birth of a bag that turns out to be the perfect accessory to wear with the kimono. The Japanese ladies love the Bianchi and Nardi zipper bag, which becomes an inevitable model in every order from Japan.


A New Direction

The second generation is witnessing the boom of big luxury brand. The market suddenly changes. The classical and unchanging models of the fifties are abandoned, to a new way based on the stylistic research.

2013 – 2019


Looking for Beauty and Innovation

An Innovative Spirit

Gabriele Bianchi, Giulia Bianchi, Alessandro Nardi, Andrea Nardi and Laura Nardi are the third generation in charge of Bianchi and Nardi. A very young guide, but with a great experience and strong predisposition to research and innovation.


Bianchi and Nardi 1946

With over 70 years of experience in the field of luxury leather goods, the “Bianchi e Nardi 1946” brand is born. It is a story of passion and professionalism that spans three generations, and offers sophisticated and exclusive accessories for contemporary women.


The Boutique and the Atelier

The boutique in Florence is inaugurated, just a step away from Piazza Signoria. It is a way to celebrate the Florentine roots of the maison and the exclusive excellence of the products, showed as jewels. The opening of the atelier in Milan, the city of fashion, follows in the first few months of 2019.