Passion for Leather since Three Generations

Passion for Leather since Three Generations

In 70 years we have truly gotten to know each other, turning simple ideas into valuable creations. It is a unique relationship that we have passed down from generation to generation, up to the present. The bond between us and leather will never end.

The Secret of a Unique Gleam

Leather processing has always been one of the milestones of the Maison. In particular, one of the secrets handed down for three generations concerns the “gleam” given to the crocodile skin, thanks to a procedure called “agatatura”.
The action of the agate stone, skillfully controlled by a master craftsman, provides gloss. The pressure, the precision and the duration of this processing must be calibrated with care and wisdom.

Discover the History
“Our company has always been famous for its agatatura, a unique crocodile processing technique
of its kind. The result is a brilliant skin, capable of conquering women at first glance.”
Aldermaro Nardi
“Everything starts from the leather. We do not choose her, she chooses us”


Mario Bianchi

Savoir Faire and Precious Leather

The extreme care for details is the real secret of the Maison.<br /> The techniques used to treat the finest leathers, crocodiles ostriches and pythons, are exclusive and aimed at the pursuit of perfection in every detail. Like all the secrets, those of the Maison are preserved with extreme confidenciality.

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