The concept for the Bianchi e Nardi 1946 boutique, created by Arch. Ilaria Sassolini with Florenzo Capogrosso, mirrors the craftsmanship, preciousness and modernity of the brand, in the tradition of the environment in which the company was born: the city of Florence.


The ceilings are octagonal in shape and realized with a lime finish. The recurring shape of the octagon follows the graphics of the brand’s monogram and is included in the various elements of the architectural area.

The lime putty walls create the backdrop for wooden exhibitors designed with the criteria of antique Florentine furniture, carved and worn by time, embellished with polished brass that emphasis its softness.
The floors with Serena stone perimetrical branches are punctuated by handmade terracotta carpets made according to tradition, but reinterpreted with a dark colour in continuity with the materials of the concept.



The Bianchi e Nardi 1946 bags are real jewels and the concept created for the boutique characterises a space aimed at enhancing the details of the collections.

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