Our craftsmen can create tailor-made bags for you.
The bag becomes a unique and personal accessory, based on the personality of the woman who wears it.


Materials like ostrich crocodile and lizard, thanks to the expertise and passion of our masters, are transformed into unique and exclusive bags.
These unique pieces are worked and finished in the smallest of details by expert hands, the same hands that for decades have created high fashion pieces, famous all over the world. Each bag is made in our factory and for this reason we can fulfill every request of our customers. Each bespoke bag will be personalized with the customer’s initials.

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Book your EXPERIENCE at the Florence Boutique or the Milan Atelier. An exclusive visit to discover 70 years of artisan excellence that will allow you to learn the secrets of making a handmade bag, evaluate the particularities of the materials and admire the prestigious characteristics of the Florentine Maison.

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